Michael Monji - Tree Doctor

Expert Certified Arborist WE7429-A

Master Gardener

QAL License #098257

(661) 588-2092

Tree video 5-28-16 from MICHAEL MONJI on Vimeo.

We are the only company in Bakersfield Ca. that treats for Termites, Borers, Slime Flux, Fire Blight, and Fungal Diseases.

Monji Tree Doctor

Business Description: We are the only Certified Arborist Tree company that has over 80,000 of hours of research and in the field experience. In addition, we are the only company that uses a Shigometer to test the blood pressure of your trees in order to give your trees the best diagnosis. We have been in business since 1969.

Michael Monji supervises all the work to be done to his specifications. We do charge a diagnosis fee because we want you to get the best diagnosis. You wouldn't ask your doctor to diagnose you over the phone without doing some blood work and a visual examination, would you?

Our company does the following: We take a history of the tree, and then we do a compaction test, pH, soil and moisture test, we test for sun scald, we also test to see if your trees are planted too deep, we look for signs of insects, fungus, and Slime Flux Disease, we check to see if your sprinklers are hitting the trunks of your trees, because this can cause your trunks to rot, we use a Shigometer to test the blood pressure of your tree to determine if the tree can be saved, we then sit down with our client to explain completely what the diagnosis is, which can take an hour or more.

Services: Work on Sick Trees and Yards

Service Area: Kern, Tulare, Fresno Counties

On Angie's List Since: 8/3/2010

Warranties: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are the only company that treats your trees for insects, bacteria, or fungal diseases.

We do 8 diagnostic tests to give your trees the best diagnosis.

We are the only company that sterilizes our pruning tools in between each tree. This will prevent spreading diseases from tree to tree.

We install deep root oxygen pipes with Nutri-Paks that feed your trees for 3 years

We saved the 200 year old historical Buttonwillow Tree in Buttonwillow Calif.

Improper pruning caused this termite damage on the Historical 200 year old Buttonwillow Tree. We have the only treatment for termites.


Mike is wealth of knowledge when it comes to trees, lawn and a host of other items related to your yard. He treated our old trees and does on going maintenance with our fertigator that he installed for us. If you are serious about having it done right and don't mind paying for knowledge and good work then Mike Monji is your guy.

Stacy Foster

Dear Michael:
I want to thank you for the outstanding service you have given the credit union over the past years. I especially appreciate how promptly you respond to us when we need your services. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Fred Doering

Dear Mr. Monji:
I wanted to take minute to thank you for introducing me to PENMAX. I was a bit skeptical when you initially told me what this product could do, but after using this product for 2 months, the immediate results have been fantastic. I have dense clay soil with an impermeable hard pan about 12 inches below the service. I have tried to dig this soil in the past with great difficulty. After only one month of using PENMAX, the hard pan is almost entirely gone!
I am sold on the effectiveness of this product. If anyone has soil problems and want to improve water penetration, I strongly recommend PENMAX.


Dennis Shaw
Bakersfield, CA.

Dear Mike:
This is to say a simple thank you for recommending the fertigator in-line fertilizer. Since placing the unit in service nearly a year ago, our entire landscape around the house has increased in health , size, and quality... The results are unbelievable!
Best wishes and thanks for all your quality help,

Chris and Sandy Snow
Bakersfield, CA.

Tip #1

Most people over water. Did you know that only 1% of the water you apply on your lawn is used for growth? You don���t need to water everyday. You should have a water audit done to see how long to water. Try setting out cups throughout your yard, then turn on the water until the water starts to run off. The next step is to measure how much water is in each cup. You normally only need 1-2 inches of water per week during the hotter weather. I would recommend investing in a pH and moisture meter to get the best results.

Tip #2

To get the water to penetrate try aerating your lawn 1-4 times per year. This will open up the soil and allow the water to penetrate deeper. You can use Penmax and Liqua-Jip before you aerate. Make sure you water after applying. These products will open up the soil and allow for a deeper aerating plug.

Tip #3

pH influences turf and plant quality. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. A value of 7 is considered neutral. Any number lower than 7 is considered to be on the acidic side, and any number over 7 is in the alkaline range. Most plants do well within a pH of 6 to 7. Your plants and lawn will take in more nutrients if the soil is slightly acidic. I would recommend investing in a pH and moisture meter to get the best results. In addition, soil pH influences the amount of weed you will have in your lawn.

Tip #4

Check your trees for small little holes in the bark especially in your fruit trees. This could be signs of Shothole Borers. If you have borers you need to treat ASAP before your trees start to decline.